That’s Right It’s About the Media, They’re The Unprecedented Part of the Equation… Right

Fox and Trump are going to the mattresses.  Eric Trump “the really, REALLY, dumb one” had a meltdown last night on Hannity after the Forbes story showing that his charity for kids with cancer was turned into a profit making enterprise (likely at Donald’s insistence).  The article is bad, very bad.  But Eric Trump pretty much jumped the shark by claiming that Trump’s critics “aren’t even people.”

Today on Fox, taking about Eric’s assertions in approving ways we got this:

HEMMER: Keep it on Eric Trump’s comments for the moment. The media has been giving this administration a really tough road. I mean, you just look at those briefings every afternoon. I think we can all, just based on history, agree that it’s really never been this tough or critical before.

Like with last week’s Kathy Griffin escapade, never mind the selective amnesia to the outrageous things said and heinous images created about Barack Obama, that never happened.  These people woke up on January 19, 2017 and nothing happened before that.  If you listen to these clowns, all of the action and reaction to the Trump presidency is just hyperbolic hyper-partisanship and the Trump crew are no different than Eisenhower, Truman, Lincoln, Nixon… well maybe they’re right about Nixon.

It’s all that the media and Democrats that have just lost their minds.  How else do you explain women donning pussy caps and protesting a man that loves women like Trump? All of the incredulous questioning of Sean Spicer?  It’s not that his answers aren’t answers but nonsense that evokes more questions, it’s that the entire non-conservative media (that ran all of those negative Hillary stories for a year) is just angry at losing (they loved Hillary sooooo much)!

Somebody should tell Trump and Fox that the expression “go to the mattresses” does not mean go into a dream state and imagine a world that does not exist.  They’re defending the indefensible and that can cause a break with reality, but accusing the rest of the world, literally the rest of the world (excluding Russia), of being the ones with the problem is not a good sign.

If you haven’t read the Forbes’ article go ahead and see why Eric got unhinged.

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