Ezra Klein Offers the Best Explanation for What Trump Does – His Bullshit “Crowds Out the Truth”

Along with Matt Yglesias’s recent piece on how Trump is a bullshitter, which is arguably worse than being a liar, this simple idea really explains Trump in a succinct way I’ve been searching for.

All of his misinformation, obfuscation, nonsense and weirdness boils down to this simple idea that goes along with the idea that the sheer amount of bullshit that comes from Trump and his lackeys amounts to such an onslaught that people get Trump fatigue.  You simply can’t wave all of it away without being completely distracted.  Even “covfefe” dominated coverage for half a day while the country burned.  And for a too large number of people it works!  It just works because the intellectual ground they walk on has already been salted, burned and left to ruins.  The bullshit is at least entertaining in a world where facts are (for many people) elusive and don’t ever seem to help anyway.  It’s a nihilist’s playground.

Lies are an effort to win an argument. Bullshitting is an effort to dominate coverage of an argument, to crowd out the truth, to distract the media with topics you prefer. Trump is very good at bullshitting. And since he doesn’t have a good counterargument to offer against Comey, he’s falling back on what he knows. The question is whether we let him.

We won’t.  But the real question is whether he’ll get away with it anyway because the GOP is too far gone down the rabbit hole towards being just like the rubes they’ve been jerking around for so long that they too are ignoring the conflagration around them.


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