Meantime They’re Trying to Ram Trumpcare Through Senate and GOP Senators Sanity May Be Overstated

Get Monty Hall down to the Capitol because they’re looking for deals!!!  Don’t for a second think that just because the GOP House is full of nutsy cuckoos in safe gerrymandered districts they could pull off a narrow vote for the Ryan/McConnell/Trump tax cut that will cut over 20 million people off healthcare but the Senate, that hallowed institution could never!!!!

Yeah, they could.  And all the Trump investigation hoo hah is the perfect cover.  People are saying that the calls to the Congress have slowed down.  And just like the lights going out in the kitchen, that’s when the vermin come out (and there’s no moderate vermin, pal).

Some of the endangered GOPers have said that they cannot support cuts to the federal Medicaid money that would throw millions out of coverage.  But what if they put a 7 year delay in the legislation so that they’d have 7 years to phase out such payments?  Rational people might ask, well what happens then?  Do we imagine that everyone will just have hit the lottery by then?  Or maybe we’ll have single payer by 2025?  (Actually, fingers crossed on that!)

You can easily imagine endangered NV Senator Dean Heller claiming come re-election that he didn’t vote to end Medicaid expansion, he’d NEVER DO THAT!  He voted for a 7 year phase out.  That’s different!

It won’t work, but they could do it.  Never underestimate the power of stupid, for which there is no end.

Watch Sen. McCaskill call out Republicans on the process “a bunch of guys sitting in a room” and Democrats likely to be completely shut out from offering amendments or any input.

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