The Confluence of Stupid, the Arts, Arts Patrons and TrumpPolitics

What’s offensive here is that it’s actually pretty fucking hackneyed by now to do a production of Julius Caesar with a Caesar that echoes a current president/prime minister. The Public Theater’s annual summer ritual of Shakespeare in the Park features a Trump-like Caesar and, no spoiler alert should be necessary, after eleventymillion performances of Julius Caesar over 400 years, Caesar gets murdered in all eleventymillion.

But maybe they’re not teaching Shakespeare in High School any more because right wing nut jobs are offended that the play depicts the murder of our president.   So…

Delta Airlines and Bank of America responded to the firestorm by withdrawing financial support from the production, which is currently running at Central Park’s Delacorte Theater as part of New York’s famed Shakespeare in the Park festival.

Of course they did.  They’re businesses, constitutionally against offending anyone.  They never considered that merely funding the arts actually offends the same people screaming now.

Like the Kathy Griffin idiocy, which was a bad idea to do on Griffin’s part and a ridiculous overreaction by CNN and the faux offended (Republicans have hypocritically made the “offensive” image that nobody should ever see a de rigueur part of every anti-liberal ad they produce now), a silly image is thrown around as if it were actually a threat or way beyond the pale and you know no president has ever been portrayed like this before!  Not since the last one, anyway.

Besides everything else, Chris Hayes (who was a theater major in school, good man) screams the completely missed point of the play:



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