For First Time Trump Hits 60% Disapproval

And almost all of that is STRONG Disapproval.  Gallup Daily Tracking Poll.

But do not doubt that he could bring it up to 65%, maybe 70% if he keeps going (and he will).

Just to push back on the establishment a bit, there is no requirement to respect the office of the president.  The president is the office.  I respect some presidents and I do not respect other presidents entirely because of how they wield the power of that office and whether it’s moral, ethical and beneficial to the citizenry.

If you suck you don’t get my respect just because some people disagree on the suckage. Those people who want to walk that middle line of respecting it all no matter how damaging should be given dispensation to drop that nonpartisan pretense in some cases. Nixon was such a case.  Bush/Cheney was such a case.  Trump is a case well beyond any sensible person’s benefit of the doubt.

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