Maybe Now We’ll Start Profiling Angry White Guys?

Nope.  But get ready for Bernie Sanders and all progressives everywhere having to apologize for one nutjob with a gun as if we’re the ones that advocate violence and being armed.

It’s as predictable as sunrise that on talk radio and Fox people will connect this shooting to Democrats, Bernie, Hillary, etc. as if they’re a death cult that advocates for violent extremist action.  Bernie has already said he was sickened by the act and that the nut job may have been a Bernie supporter.  Um, we’re the ones for gun control and called tree huggers.  You can’t have it both ways – that we hate guns but we’re the real violent extremists.  Oh but they will try because modern conservatives have no internal bullshit monitor or self-editing based on self-contradiction or shame in so-doing.  (Latest evidence is: saying that Robert Mueller was a great public servant one week does not keep a conservative from calling him partisan and saying he should be fired the next  week.)

Nobody on the right has ever even acknowledged the many, many, many times that nut jobs have murdered people after actually, really, truly being inspired by words spoken on talk radio and Fox News and other right wing outlets that DO ACTUALLY, REALLY, TRULY talk about violence and “2nd Amendment Remedies” and also push Republican candidates. Trump especially never has.

The truly sickening part of the absolutely inevitable act of violence is how the red team gangsters will scream and try to turn this into an issue to cow progressives.

That can’t happen.

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