40 Countries Price Carbon Pollution as of 2018, Not the U.S., Of Course

But China will be pricing carbon nationally as of 2018.

The big recent news is China, of course. In July, its carbon cap-and-trade system — which has been tested in nine provinces for several years — will go national, effectively doubling the world’s priced carbon. (That’s the giant bubble on the map above.) At that point, fully a quarter of the world’s carbon emissions will be priced at one level or another. A quarter!

While it’s ridiculous that we are burdened with such heavy stupid, our uniquely American albatross, individuals, businesses, cities, states and much of the rest of the world is moving forward to meet the challenges of climate change and bring about the completely sustainable energy future that everybody who doesn’t have their head up their ass knows is coming.

Our grandchildren will likely all live exclusively in air conditioned bubbles floating in the oceanic Waterworld, but many of us did try to protect the planet, so sorry kids.

Speaking to the children of the 22nd century (because the internet is forever): If it’s any comfort, children of the 22nd century, all those other animals and plants that we enjoyed in the 20th century, that are gone now, were overrated.

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