As McConnell Reveals Senate Healthcare Disaster, Remember There’s a Justice Gorsuch, not a Justice Garland

Bottom line is McConnell is an unprincipled, unethical snake who will do anything he thinks he can get away with.  The tax cut bill disguised as a healthcare bill (that takes away healthcare) will be godawful and a small handful of supposedly rational Republicans will say they are against it.  But there will be “negotiations.”  Amendments will be added and voila! one of those principled Republicans will vote for it giving them 50 plus Pence and 1/6th of our economy will be reshaped without any Democratic votes, and fittingly no democratic process – no hearings, no testimony, no experts heard from, no dissenting voices allowed to speak.

Like they did with their unprecedented theft of a Supreme Court seat, their bald faced lying about process, about what Obamacare did and what their bill will do, they will un-democratically impose the will of their donors on the rest of America and claim it’s a victory for democracy and the people.

Charlie Pierce on The Myth of Moderate Republican Senators

No matter where they are, in the U.S. Senate, in Georgia or Idaho, in the suburbs of New York, on the Supreme Court, wherever – if someone identifies as a Republican, or a conservative, in 2017 they are telling you that they are okay with tactics and behavior by Republicans that they would denounce as offensive and unconstitutional if it came from anybody else.  Their hypocrisy on steroids renders them less than a political party, and more of a gang.

They colluded with the Russians, lie with impunity, work tirelessly to impede voting and blocked a legitimate Supreme Court nominee.  Can the burning of the Reichstag be far behind?


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