Some People Just Aren’t Meant to be Public Servants

The problem is that they run for office anyway, luxuriating in the power and perks, and screw things up for everybody.  Eight years ago I argued that, based on his previous experience as a U.S. Attorney and NJ elected official, Chris Christie was corrupt.  I cited his misuse of his hotel allowance, his abuse of the legal system getting out of consequences for driving down a one-way street and hitting a motorcyclist, his egregious lying when it suited him to win elections, that he had to apologize for.  Christie had evinced a clear record of someone who would blithely abuse whatever power is afforded him. Giving someone like that a higher office makes no sense.  The very, very fair minded people I argued with strongly objected to the use of the word “corrupt” because in their minds that only covered taking money inappropriately in an official capacity – a crime. He had committed no “crimes” as of the time of his running for governor in 2009 so it was unfair to call him corrupt.

I often wonder if they regret their rhetorical masturbation.  Chris Christie is the epitome of a self-serving, egocentric, dishonest and arrogant asshole who should never, ever, under any circumstances be given power that he could abuse, because he will.  And Mary Pat will smile all the while receiving the benefits of her husband’s inappropriate behavior.

To be clear, it’s not like he did anything positive for the state while closing it’s bridges and beaches, cancelling its new tunnels, either.  It’s been 8 years of continuing decline, pushing funds from one basket to another to look good to the rubes, while he aggrandized himself.  He got himself re-elected after four years of crap, which is the most galling – the descent from re-election to irrelevance was very abrupt.  If Christie was an airplane he suffered complete engine failure on the runway, because his engines were made of balsa wood.

If the guy was a phenomenal governor getting things done for his citizens while grabbing a bit for himself I would be far more inclined to call it just part of the process.  But you earn a 15% approval rating in this state, son.




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