Hey CNN Repeat After Me Single-Payer Saves Money

The Dumbest Criticism of Single-Payer is when some Republican or media talking head asks where we’re going to raise the $32 trillion dollars it’ll take to put in place a single payer system.  Every Democrat needs to have an answer ready.

Randy Bryce, running for Paul Ryan’s seat, did not.

“You want to raise $32 trillion in taxes?” asked CNN’s John Berman.

“There’s a lot of people not paying their fair share in taxes,” Bryce said. “There’s corporations getting away with a lot.”

“That would be quite a tax hike,” said CNN’s Poppy Harlow. “That’s an astonishing number, $32 trillion over a decade.”

  1. assert that the point of single-payer is that it’s cheaper, more efficient, and has no profit motive built in.
  2. reject the premise of $32 trillion, that was an estimate of an outline of an idea
  3. ask, do you know what we spend now? $3.4 trillion a year and rising, that’s more than that bogus $32 trillion number anyway.  But keep in mind, all of the money Americans individuals and businesses spend today on insurance premiums would be saved.
  4. assert, whatever it costs, isn’t it odd that France can pay it, Israel can pay it, Germany, Finland, Denmark can pay it, but America can’t?  It’s not about cost, it’s about guaranteeing healthcare as a right.  In the long run, it saves money and relieves people of the pressure of having to think about money when they’re most vulnerable.

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