Shouldn’t Make Fun of the Challenged But… Alex Jones

From Media Matters. This is just too funny.

ALEX JONES: But again, I am in a death battle. People ask how I have this much energy. Megyn Kelly asked me what drugs I was on. And I said I don’t use drugs. She was kind of like, “Really, you don’t?” And I don’t know what that meant, but I thought she was trying to get me to saying I was on drugs.

Folks, I have hundreds of articles I see every week about human-animal chimeras with no rights. You talked about people you know in research labs, I’ve talked to them too. You see humanoids, they’re like 80 percent gorilla, 80 percent pig, and they’re talking.


JONES: We need to make this illegal. This needs to be illegal. They’re talking about making it illegal to make child pedophile robots. Ok. Ok, make that illegal. But what about the humans spliced with animals? I mean this is beyond pedophila.

To be completely fair the Fake News just gets it wrong that he said these chimeras are “80% gorilla, 80% pig” making Jones look mathphobic as well as science phobic and just insane.  He meant some are 80% gorilla and 20% man, others are 80% pig and 20% man. That’s why they can talk, people!  Please stop lying about Alex Jones!!

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