Was Healthcare a Win for the Resistance or a Loss for the GOP?

HA!  Watch me go 50/50 here, maybe 60/40 in favor of GOP fail.

I cannot discount all those people across the country, writing, e-mailing, tweeting and, most importantly, marching, chanting and sitting in at Senator’s offices and making their fears known at town halls.  Disabled people being carried out of offices?  Bravo!!  Bravo!!  McConnell’s best efforts to twist arms and sweeten deals were no match for the real pain this bill would have caused real people.  Activists kept that in the faces of every Senator, some of whom (a minority) had enough humanity to pay attention.

That said, I continue to be optimistic that the effort to repeal Obamacare was doomed as early as 2009 when conservatives started attacking the Affordable Care Act, a conservative market-based plan from the Heritage Foundation, as socialism.  Eight years of misnaming this conservative plan as socialism rendered the possibility of the GOP coming up with a “conservative alternative” pretty fucking impossible.  Even if they had tried to actually come up with a workable alternative, which they didn’t, it was likely doomed.  So massive fail for the GOP on every level.

This fail can go right on the resume of talk radio and all of the core Republican base as well as the elected officials that went along with their bullshit.

Congratulations, party of bullshit.  You earned this.

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