Democrats Have an Opportunity on Healthcare Right Now – They Will Blow It

8 in 10 Americans want the Republicans and Democrats to compromise and fix healthcare.  2 out of 10 just want to watch everything burn.

Democrats should pull out all the stops to announce a platform on healthcare reform and fixing the ACA – get talking points down, take out ads, do a half hour infomercial, airplane banners on the beaches – whatever it takes – to get the message out that

“we’re here, we’re Democrats, we have answers, reach out to us.” 

Force the press to ask Republicans about Democrats’ ideas and compromising to get something done.

Repubs won’t go along.  They’ll go on rants about how Democrats are just lying about their reasonable positions and just want to ram socialism down everybody’s throats and take your guns (head cock, relevance?).  Sadly, they will look like the incompetent loons they are.  But maybe public perception of Dems might improve?

Right now it’s a race to the bottom as Republicans screw up everything but still get points for bullshitting their way into office while Democrats are just considered ineffectual and weak.

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