Netanyahu Gives Up The Ghost – The Conflict Works for Him

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is conveniently intractable for some people.

The Israeli premier was overheard blasting the European Union’s approach to Israel, saying “it’s crazy. I think it’s actually crazy” that the EU maintains that resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict must come before closer trade ties.

Yes, he was speaking about his frustration that the EU is uncomfortable trading with Israel with said intractable conflict ongoing and ongoing and ongoing.  But really, the fact that he’s a lot more comfortable with the conflict than most of us is not really a secret. His right wing party doesn’t even really see a conflict, the Palestinians just do not exist for them and their fight to keep them non-entities IS the conflict for many of us.  Yeah, the EU has a problem with that.

Back in the day the white Afrikaners of South Africa couldn’t understand anybody’s preoccupation with their blacks.

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