Having to Root for Jefferson Beauregard Sessions to Keep a Job He’s a Nightmare At is Painful

But precisely because he’s pushing a hardcore, neo-lithic, conservative agenda that is execrable, he may survive.  It’s pretty odd that a year ago Sessions was the only Senator who would stand on a podium anywhere with Trump and now he’s got a bunch of Trump Knives (the best knives!) in his back.  So much for that loyalty Trump always trumpets.

Sessions is deeply committed to an awful, counterproductive ideological agenda which his ideological brethren in the KKK and the Senate appreciate even if Trump doesn’t even understand it all and couldn’t care less.  With the help of his colleagues Sessions could string Trump out and just hold on through the August recess, surviving or forcing Trump to do the dirty, dirty job of firing his most loyal and conservative cabinet member – in a convoluted scheme to try to save his own skin by firing Bob Mueller.  It illustrates how desperate Trump is that he’d even consider this self-destructive and incriminating plan.

You see, Trump used Sessions’ credibility as an old fashioned racist, redneck to get the votes of all sorts of white guys named Billy Bob who own AR-15s.  And Sessions, a completely third-rate back-bencher  from Alabama that nobody but nobody was ever going to nominate for anything in D.C., since he was rejected for a federal bench in 1986 for being too racist, got to be Attorney General and implement the greatest knuckle dragging policies of the 1950s.  He’s a throw back to Bull Connor and nobody responsible lets those people have power anymore.  So letting that go just to make Trump happy is not in the cards for Sessions.  It’s war.

Trump is under 50% approval in a lot of very red states.  His mission to destroy Sessions will not help him.  Trump wants to fire him during the recess and name a flunky Attorney General who can serve till the end of the year.  If he is unable to do that, and a new AG has to be approved by the Senate, Republican senators will be forced to choose sides and make it impossible to evade questions of aiding and abetting Trump’s effort to save his family from scrutiny, investigation and paying a price for shitting on every fucking norm of government service.  Worse than the Comey firing we’ll be in uncharted territory.  A most terrifying terra incognito indeed.

While the rest of us sit back and watch the circular firing squad, trying to stay out of the cross fire and hoping that somebody on that side of the aisle has some qualms about descending into a family run autocracy.

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