The Transgender Announcement Was Worse Than We Thought


Because it turned out to be in response to a budget issue in the House and the GOP Congressbitches that were concerned about the cost of gender reassignment and hormone treatments only asked Cheetolini to weigh in on the budget issue.

Mr. Trump elected to announce the ban in order to resolve a quietly brewing fight on Capitol Hill over whether taxpayer money should pay for gender transition and hormone therapy for transgender service members. The dispute had threatened to kill a $790 billion defense and security spending package scheduled for a vote this week.

Someone on MSNBC said it was like someone noticed a gash in the dining room table and Trump lit it on fire.  Completely unnecessary.  But Trump saw it as an opportunity to kiss his evangelical base on the right tushy cheek (non-homo).  But no doubt Ivanka was a moderating influence on this issue and Trump actually wanted to round all transgender Americans up and put them in reeducation camps.  Because he cares so much about LGBTQ people.

Like Atrios says:

When you have power over people, it doesn’t much matter what’s in your heart, it matters what you do (mostly) and what you say (some).

Also if you have power over people and you choose to be a bigot, that says all that needs to be said about what’s in your heart.

On the plus side those of us who have always thought the Log Cabin Republicans were just stupid collaborators with their own jailers can shake our heads in double plus smugness.

And don’t get me started on the disappointment of Caitlin Jenner.  No really.


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