Wake Me When We Hit Bottom (Again?)

The President is crazy, I didn’t say that Sens. Jack Reed and Susan Collins did.

We know the damn House is out of its mind, it’s just out of the spotlight lately.  It’s been over the bend since Boehner took the gavel back.  Handing it to the beady eyed granny-starver from Wisconsin only made it worse.

The Senate is crazy too:

They stopped a black man from appointing a Supreme Court seat.

They inexplicably approved Betsy DeVos, Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, Tom Price, Scott Pruitt and Rick Perry for dog catcher and other minor government functionary jobs.  (I am in denial that they were approved for real cabinet positions, with responsibilities.)

They’ve engaged in a mass delusion surrounding Obamacare that rivals the collective madness of the Salem Witch Trials for a community seeing bad spirits where they so desire to see such evil.  Thusly, they’ve spent seven years demeaning a market-based healthcare insurance reform system as a government takeover of healthcare and such lie has led to numerous other lies that have led us to the current state of nonsensical governance in that formerly esteemed body.  In such a toxic atmosphere words do not even have meaning anymore.

This has been a policymaking process built, from the beginning, atop lies. Lies about what the bills do and don’t do. Lies about what is wrong with Obamacare and lies about what the GOP’s legislation would do to fix it. Lies about what Republicans are trying to achieve and lies about which problems they seek to solve.

They’re promising to rid the land of evil spirits and ready to hang millions of people in order to do so.

And they’ll do it on schedule and under budget, all the while claiming that the hanged people are happier now that their evil spirits have been exorcised.

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