Fox Contributor Sues Fox Saying They Pushed Phony Murder Story With the WH

Well.  We knew the story that Hannity was pushing about the murder of a Democratic staffer was phony, but now we know who started it and why.

NPR’s David Folkenflik reported Tuesday morning on a lawsuit filed by a man named Rod Wheeler that makes a remarkable claim: The Trump White House — or President Trump personally — may have been aware of or involved in a discredited Fox News story about the killing of a Democratic National Committee staffer last July.

It’s a complicated story that, we hasten to add, is based on allegations in a lawsuit filed by a person whose quotes in that discredited story were themselves discredited. But the lawsuit includes documentary evidence (like text messages), and Folkenflik was given access to recorded calls that bolster the story as presented. What’s more, the lawsuit is predicated on Wheeler’s assertion that he never said the quotes attributed to him.

Allegedly, ahem, allegedly – a wealthy GOP donor took some rumors and conspired with a couple of Fox News contributors to push a conspiracy theory that murdered Dem. staffer Seth Rich was the DNC e-mails leaker and was murdered (by Hillary in the parlor with a candelabra) so the Dems could push the “phony” Russian story.

The story always had so many holes, but no matter they pushed it on Fox and in right wing media for a while and it became an article of faith amongst the catheter buying Fox News watchers that it happened that way even when Fox disavowed it and backed away.

Facts never matter to the Fox News/right wing noise machine sheeple, but truth must be pursued anyway and then forcefully asserted to crush the credibility of the liars with the people to whom truth does matter.

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