New Dem. Slogan “A Better Deal” Arrives to Universal Meh

Jim Jefferies destroys it.  I can’t embed the clip from Comedy Central, but go to the link.

All of the scorn is right because A Better Deal is passive and says nothing.  While I’d stay away from “Abort That Fetus!” the point is clear – be active and make a statement.

With very little work I came up with:

Rebuild the Middle Class, Rebuild the Country!

It’s active and a statement that everyone can understand.  It refers to the same economic initiatives that Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and yes, even Hillary Clinton have been pushing.  It’s a universal message that reaches across race and region. It’s a value statement that says we understand that our greatness was forged by the creation of the middle class through deliberate policies.  We know where our economic bread is buttered – the middle class, the working class – a shared bottom up and middle out prosperity grows the entire pie and distributes it more fairly.

It also refers specifically to infrastructure – roads, bridges, tunnels, grids, water, etc. Again, something we’ve talked about and most people agree upon.  Infrastructure was the one area Democrats would have worked with Trump on, if he were sincere.

What say you?  We’re going to have to grassroots this because A Better Deal ain’t gonna cut it.

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