Once Again Nuclear Power is Killed


Nuclear power has suffered so many deaths and then… not come back. There’s no zombie issues here, it’s been dead, completely dead, bereft of life, kicked the bucket, a former energy source for a long time.  Why some in the policy community pretend it isn’t dead is the question. Every reference to nuclear as part of the energy mix is as relevant as references to non-existent “clean coal.”

Two Half-Built Reactors in SC Are Abandoned rather than continue and pass on exorbitant costs to consumers.  They completed about 40% of the reactors for a cost of $9 Billion.  I’m sorry, I would continue but I’m laughing too hard.

I have to go check my portfolio to make sure I’m not a stockholder in South Carolina Electric & Gas and Santee Cooper and their parent Scana Corporation.  They are idiots to have started these reactors in the first place.  Not one, but two of them.  So no credit for cutting their losses now.


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