So 2018?

Everything pivots on the 2018 election and Democrats getting back one chamber.  All of the despair, the waling and gnashing of teeth over having to live with four years of Trump chaos and flim flam depends on Democrats being able to stymie or impeach his ass.  So where are we?

Well, as I’ve said we need a better slogan.  “A Better Deal” might as well be “Tippecanoe and Tyler Too”.


I’ll persist with that notion.  But in the meantime Dems have a 14 point lead in the generic congressional poll, according to Quinnipiac.  Not bad.

Fifty-two percent of those polled said they would want Democrats to win control of the House if the 2018 midterm elections were held today; 38 percent said they would back Republicans.

Of course you need actual candidates, not generic ones.  Hopefully there are a shit load of Amy McGrath’s out there.  We only need 24 pickups.  It’s doable in a wave election.  a 14 point generic is pretty good.  For context, the 2006 Democratic wave election had the Dems up by an 11.5 average in polling.  They picked up 31 seats that year.

For the Senate the polling is also favorable but it comes down to the individuals more. For example AZ Sen. Jeff Flake has an 18% approval rating in his state, which is awfully hard for a senator to achieve.  That’s Christie territory.

Keep that up, adopt my slogan and maybe in January 2019 impeachment proceedings begin.  I know that seems soooooo far off, we’ll never make it!!!!

Courage, good nutrition and a little exercise can get us all to that much wished for date of destiny.

And every now and then some tequila helps.  Eschew the salt if you have blood pressure issues.

tequila images

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