If Roy Moore Wins Alabama Senate Primary the GOP Officially Hits Bottom

Roy Moore (no relation to Mary Tyler Moore) is the guy that is solely known as being the Alabama Supreme Court Judge that installed a granite statue engraved with the Ten Commandments outside the taxpayer funded state courthouse, fought orders to have it removed, and ultimately had himself removed from the court.

He’s ahead in polls against two other very awful, horrible, no good holy roller Alabama conservatives.  But he’s absolutely the worst in a competition in which nobody wins.

Maybe the only positive is that Trump endorsed one of the other losers.

Another positive is that we can all laugh at how low Alabama is in our national zoo of unreconstructed confederate stupid.  But it’s not really funny because they constitutionally provide two remarkably backwards senators to our national debate. Jefferson Beauregard Sessions was one of them, possibly to be supplanted by Roy Fucking Moore.

Another 100 years of progress and they may join the 20th century.

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