Puzzling Why the Boon That Medicare for All Would be For Business is Not Talked About More. By Anybody.

Fortune mag:  Sanders: Why Medicare for all is good for business.  Of course it is!  One of the greatest beneficiaries of ending the employer based healthcare model would be the money and manpower saved by businesses presently administrating healthcare policies for their employees.  Famously, American car manufacturers bake about $1500 of cost into every car they make with covering their workers’ healthcare.  A cost the Japanese, Korean and German car makers do not have to bare.  That’s the tip of the iceberg.

Also, too, as well, I find it dumbfounding how the debate over renewable energy does not often include the vast cost savings that solar, wind, hydro and geothermal reap after the initial equipment investment.  A barrel of oil still runs about $50 before refining.  A barrel of wind is $0, refined, unrefined or with sprinkles!

It’s a real debating error not to push these great general benefits of these ideas/technologies.  We’re great at selling the general ideas of “innovation”, technology and education.  So much so that they’ve become almost unquestioned plusses in our national dialogue even when they’re really quite debatable (a  lot of innovation actually costs jobs, lowers wages and is designed to be more efficient for management – so selling it as the future for workers is really wrongheaded).  We’re much less accomplished talking about the specifics, even when they are in our favor.


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