The Story is Still the Moral, Ethical, Intellectual Bankruptcy of the GOP

So Trump blathers about good people at a Klan rally and the story is that even Republicans denounce him.  But really how many did?  Really just a handful.

We reached about the 50th tipping point in the candidacy/presidency of the clown and still nothing really changes, because his party refuses to recognize their responsibility for governing the country.  There’s maybe more willingness to speak out, contradict him, whatever.  We’ll see if any of this makes them more willing to investigate or hold him accountable legally, so far no.

What’s most abnormal about all this abnormality is that the GOP shit the bed on vetting him and never letting him get the nomination.  And that’s because their toxic brew of conspiracy theory and anti-government sentiment set up their sheep-like followers for a perfect know-nothing candidate like Trump.  They created the establishment/media/science skeptical zeitgeist among their faithful over 35 years of bullshit, and here we are with a bullshit president.  Ta da!

It’s been a week since the last new low tipping point.  We’re almost ready for the next new low tipping point that doesn’t in any way tip.



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