McMaster Showed Trump Picture of Afghani Women in Skirts in ’70s to Trigger Him (Boing!)


H.R. McMaster Showed Trump Photo of Afghan Women in Miniskirts to Escalate War.


Okay so first, those aren’t mini-skirts, they’re mid-thigh!  Let’s get our fashion right here people!!!!  How are we going to win a war if we don’t know an A-line from a mini from a wrap???


Yeah, so Trump was always against the Afghan war, saying it was a waste of blood and treasure.  It was one of the things his America First base liked about him. No more money spent on war in Afghanistan when that money could be spent on a royal family travelling around the country instead.

But one nostalgic look at the gams of Afghan tomatoes and hell, we have to go all out to WIN!!  Win it for ladies! Move on those upskirts like a bitch!

For the view of a little leg Trump showed himself to be a typical hypocritical politician, denouncing the war before taking office but determined not to be the one who loses Afghanistan.  Truth is Afghanistan was lost as soon as we landed in October 2001, just like Vietnam was lost in the early 1960’s when Kennedy sent “advisers.”  With Asian land wars, like Cleveland Browns games, the  turning point is the National Anthem.

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