Inside the 2016 Numbers

Vox – The Bernie voters who defected to Trump explained by a political scientist.

Because it pays to have actual facts.  Lord knows Democrats have to really and truly face our brand as a party and what it means to the American people, of all races and all classes.

In several key states — Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan — the number of Sanders to Trump defectors were greater than Trump’s margin of victory, according to new numbers released Wednesday by UMass professor Brian Schaffner.

Yes, a section of Bernie voters turned around and voted for Trump, some also voted for Jill Stein.  So are they sexist?  Maybe a few.

13% of Trump voters voted for Obama, so they’re also not all racist.

So no, rabid Hillary supporters, those people are not to be blamed for their votes as misguided as they were.  They just didn’t trust Hillary, and Dems in general.

It’s also a dangerous game to play to attack your fellow Democrats in that way because fire can be trained back on you.

Fun fact – in 2008 25% of Hillary supporters in the primaries voted for McCain.  Good thing Obama won handily or those Party Unity My Ass people could have been real pariahs.  History is funny that way.

One thought on “Inside the 2016 Numbers

  1. Data actually show how stupid & illogical many voters are-eg, it defies logical explanation for someone to support Obama and then vote for Trump

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