Jordan Klepper Reprises Steven Colbert’s Conceit on “The Opposition”

It’s another month, September 25, 2017 to be exact, before the successor to The Nightly Show, which broadcast its last show on August 18, 2016, gets its premiere.  That’s an entire 11 month gap which really makes you wonder, why the hell did they feel compelled to cancel The Nightly Show when they did?  Seems like a massive misfire.

In any case, in The Opposition, Jordan Klepper portrays a sort of Alex Jones shouty conspiracy theorist character reprising the kind of send up of a conservative caricature (combination O’Reilly/Hannity) that Steven Colbert made so popular for a decade.

I hope it works.  Klepper is funny.  Can such an annoying caricature of a media cretin sustain for a decade like Colbert’s did?  It might take Colbert level talent to achieve that. Not sure if Klepper is up to it.

However, I will give CC credit for the Jim Jefferies show on Tuesdays at 10:30.  The Australian comic is my cup of tea and I recommend him and the show.



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