Libertarians Find Their Limits – Hm, Using Our Virtues Against Our People is Disturbing

Of course, libertarians are the least justifiable socio-political ideology.  Alicublog points out a relatively new contradiction that is confounding them.

Normally they’re the first people to say that businesses have the right to do whatever they please, fire people for whatever cause, regulations are stupid, etc.  But lately some of their own “free thinkers” have been axed for expressing their loosely termed “thoughts”.   Well, the right of the corporation to fire them at will… just… does… not… compute!!

Apparently they’re sick of having to defend this as a universal principle. The brethren have really gone nuts for James Damore, the Google Bro who was famously fired for circulating a memo saying his female co-workers were biologically unsuited to excel in a tech company. He’s gotten more Ugh PC Bad defenses than all the other poster boys put together. And some of them have started asking: Must we protect every company’s right to fire whom they please? Surely we can find a way to protect the racists and sexists!

It’s only right to protect the racists and sexists.  They ranted about the rights of corporations when people like Kathy Griffin were immolated, but she’s not one of them!

Further, do we regulate companies like Google or Facebook like utilities?  They provide access to what is becoming essential services just like electricity, water and pork.

Interesting conundrum for people who hate regulation.

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