The President is a Sociopath – “Have a Good Day” to Victims in a Shelter

Josh Marshall covers what the MSM won’t – the President’s inability to be human, no less presidential He Can’t Even Fake It  details a few of his remarkably odd utterances while going through the motions to be consoler-in-chief.

Firstly, let’s set the context: clueless Trump flew into a disaster zone earlier in the week with his clueless wife dressed in a Louise Linton approved designer outfit complete with stilettos and “Flotus” cap. He thanked the crowd for turning out as if they were there for him (they were disaster relief workers there for a somber duty). They didn’t get anywhere near somebody who needed sympathy and a hug. The press for that trip wasn’t sufficiently fawning, so, take two, they went back, in more appropriate dress, to do what the press loves – Trump wandered about a shelter and looked to the cameras like he was just as good as the black guy. But what he actually said to the people in the shelter, the comments he made were typical Trump head shaking crazy.

He repeatedly told people who had lost everything…

Like it was a party he as throwing. Or maybe he meant them to have a good time basking in his fame.

His every comment to the media was about how well received his visits were and it always comes with a smack on the media.

President Donald Trump landed in Houston today to survey the devastation in the wake of Harvey, praising the Coast Guard and swiping at the media. Trump was caught on video lauding the Coast Guard for saving almost 11,000 people “by going into winds that this media would not go into… unless it’s a really good story in which case they will.”

Even the small hands thing came up!

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