Trump Makes Pivot to Heartless Political Schemer With a Gun Against Dreamer Heads

Not exactly the pivot the MSM was always looking for. However, there is savvy, albeit cruel, political game playing here: Republicans will not allow straight up DACA legislation (the Dream Act) to come to the floor, so Dems will be forced to vote on money for the wall and/or other odious immigration regs to keep these young people from getting churned through the ICE/Homeland Security/Sessions’ Justice Dept. meat grinder.

And make no mistake no matter what any Trump admin. puppet says for public consumption, ICE assholes will use DACA gathered information against the 800,000 Dreamers the minute after the six month clock tolls. They’ve lied all along about their deportation intentions. They’ve even targeted people who voted for them.

I’ve never seen Trump the optimist before, but he’s got to be the sunniest Magoo in the land if he thinks a Congress that already has more than it can handle on its plate can get this done.  They are in over their heads just keeping the doors open and not defaulting on the national credit card. That’s on top of Harvey aide, Irma aide (probably), the specter of North Korean brinksmanship…  If Trump thinks Congress can get this done too in a six month window he is even more deluded than we thought. More likely, Congress will fail, Dreamers will be deported and nothing even remotely positive for anybody will have been achieved.

It’s all chaos all the time.



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