Trump Dealing With Chuck and Nancy Because Following His Caucus Makes People Hate Him

I still say don’t listen to what he says, only follow what he does.  Which goes for the GOP controlled Congress as well.  So all “deals” or “agreements” reached on legislation have to be taken with a grain of salt until actual bills are written, voted on and signed.  That said, there’s quite a tumult over the new Donald, Chuck and Nancy triumverate.

Last week they got together and “blindsided” the GOP “brain trust” by making a deal on a 3 month budget extension to forestall a looming fight over hitting the debt ceiling.

This was bad enough because obviously any deals with Democrats leaving out his own party makes Republicans go nuts.  They had all these big plans to hold the full faith and credit of the country hostage for a host of conservative fave raves.  Trump negotiated that away to Nancy Pelosi, the communist witch from San Gaycisco who eats babies.  This alone turns GOP election plans for 2018 upside down because their big argument to get out their base and save their majorities is to say “sure, your GOP representative is an idiot, but voting for the Dem gives you Speaker Pelosi, evil baby eater even worse than Hillary!!!

This post by a Dem. candidate for a local seat in Virginia on Daily Kos details the high hurdle Dems have to leap in large swaths of this country because voting for them means supporting Nancy Pelosi, which they can…not…do.

But Trump needs love and the ideas that come out of the Democratic caucus are the most popularly supported ones.  People may hate Nancy Pelosi because of the horror tales Fox News has told about her for a decade, but what she fights for is pretty damn popular. Trump wants to be popular more than he wants oxygen.

So since the budget deal was “so well received” in Trump-speak, he had a dinner with Chuck and Nancy to talk DACA.  90% of the country likes DACA.  Only the people who elected Trump don’t. And damn if they didn’t come up with another “deal” or “agreement” or something that absolutely roiled Trump’s base like an unwanted prostate exam.  These people call a DACA agreement amnesty.  That’s how far gone they are.  And maybe, just maybe Trump is realizing that doing their bidding, like when he defended racists in Charlottesville, means he’s going to be popularly lambasted.  So he has no choice but to run into Chuck and Nancy’s arms.

Still, Bartletta and other conservative Republicans defended Trump’s actions, saying their own ineffective Republican leaders were to blame for driving the president into “Chuck and Nancy’s” arms.

“This president doesn’t have any choice but to turn and listen to the Democrats to try to get something done. He came here to get something done, and if the Republicans aren’t going to get things done, he has no choice,” he insisted. “Let’s not criticize that.”

Whatever actually comes out of the dinner, if anything, is important, but the upending of the GOP’s talking points about Nancy Pelosi (and to a lesser extent dealing with Dems in general), is absolutely shattering for the GOP.

Alex Jones and Roger Stone already floated the idea that somebody is drugging Trump. What now?

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