Interior Secretary Says One Third of His Staff Aren’t Loyal to Trump

If this were a normal democracy I’d say it was the other two thirds that are the problem, bub.  But normal is out floating in the middle of the ocean, like Puerto Rico*.

In a speech to the oil industry, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke claimed that nearly a third of his staff is disloyal to President Trump, saying that workers in Washington are reluctant to relax regulations to permit increased mining for coal and drilling for natural gas and oil on public land.

Yeah, because they’re humans with judgment who know that’s a horrible, stupid and godawful thing.  Our conservative crop is pretty twisted up these days.  They want to treat the national parks like they took a knee for the National Anthem or something.

*Trump said today it was hard to get help to Puerto Rico because it’s an island.  But he’s doing a great job helping them.

“We’ve gotten A-pluses on Texas and in Florida, and we will also on Puerto Rico,” Trump told reporters in Washington. “The difference is this is an island sitting in the middle of an ocean. It’s a big ocean, it’s a very big ocean. And we’re doing a really good job.”

You know damn well he has no clue where it is on a map. He’s acting like it’s friggin’ Fiji or something.

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