The Assault on Healthcare is Not Really Over, This Part Nobody is Talking About

The CHIP program will end on September 30.  That program provides health insurance for 9 million kids.

About 9 million children across the country get coverage through CHIP, and it costs about $14 billion a year (the feds pick up about three-quarters of that bill). It is a smaller program than Medicaid and Medicare, but it is still a big reason why America has nearly eliminated uninsurance among kids.

That’s besides the Trump administration’s continued undermining of Obamacare.  If they can’t throw people off their healthcare coverage by legislation they can still do everything they can to make sure the markets can’t work and nobody knows to sign up for them.  Tom Price needs to save healthcare money for his private flights.

Republicans who pretend to care said all along that a deal would get made and there was plenty of time.  But then Graham-Cassidy came along, so here we are on September 27 and there are 3 days left.

My optimistic side says 50/50 a deal does get done because when people’s attention does get turned to 9 million kids losing healthcare coverage it’s going to go badly for them.




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