Justice Gorsuch Makes an Appearance with the Guy Who Stole the Job for Him

Ethics, what ethics?

McConnell shows off prized accomplishment to Kentucky: Justice Neil Gorsuch

Most people in Kentucky raise prize pigs or distill a super new bathtub bourbon.  McConnell done caught hisself a Supreme Court Juztize.  From the Lexington Herald Leader:

Like a kindergartener showing off prized artwork to his parents, McConnell got to utter those three words again Thursday, this time introducing the man himself to about 500 of his constituents at the University of Louisville.

Fun facts:  Gorsuch keeps the head of an elk that Scalia shot in his office.

Gorsuch calls Antonin Scalia “Leroy”.  Either that or he named the elk Leroy.  Both seem weird to me.

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