Energy Secretary Rick Perry (Still Shocking to Type That) Put $3.7 Billion on Our Credit Card

Nuclear power is dead.  Very dead.  Any all claims to the contrary are just ghost stories.  A wildly stupid and overpriced nuclear project in Georgia was halted months ago as the company building a new plant ran out of money and pulled the plug.  But Energy secretary Rick Perry (really???) just committed $3.7 billion tax dollars to keeping that white elephant going.

Back in March, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution called the project “a financial quagmire.” The Westinghouse plants, originally priced at $14 billion, were already $3.6 billion over budget and almost four years behind schedule. Recently, Southern Company released new estimates that put the total project cost at $25 billion.

No wonder that Westinghouse itself filed for bankruptcy back in March.

Like Obamacare and gun control Trump and gang are living in a bizarro universe trying to keep already dead industries like coal and nuclear power on life support like some economic Terri Schiavo.

Yet in the DOE press release Friday, Perry said, “I believe the future of nuclear energy in the United States is bright.” Seriously.

And Zombie Terri is going to wake up anytime now.

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