60 Minutes Looked Like the Old 60 Minutes Last Night

I remember the good old days when the scariest thing in the world to any business not doing the right thing was Mike Douglas Wallace (fixed: LOL, Mike Douglas would show up at businesses and sing Danke Schoen) showing up at your door asking to talk to you on camera.  It was like Ex Lax for scum bags the way it would make them shit their pants to have those hot lights exposing their malfeasance, greed, or actual crimes.  So many sweaty upper lips on my TV in those days.

Last night 60 Minutes aired a report done with the Washington Post that exposed how Congress, at the behest of large pharmaceutical distributors not only looked the other way as opioids numbed and devoured swaths of America, they lobbied to change the law to take tools away from the DEA to go after these legal drug pushers.

In April 2016, at the height of the deadliest drug epidemic in U.S. history, Congress effectively stripped the Drug Enforcement Administration of its most potent weapon against large drug companies suspected of spilling prescription narcotics onto the nation’s streets.

Two of the key Congressshits in this effort were Pennsylvania Representative Tom Marino, who Trump has hilariously nominated to run the DEA.   The DEA!!! That nomination died last night, just like the good old days of 60 Minutes.  Sen. Manchin has asked Trump to rescind the nomination.  If it was anybody but Trump the super embarrassing and totally swampy nomination would have been scuttled by the end of the hour last night, but no, it’s Trump.

The other piece of crap that this should have serious consequences for is Tennessee Congressman Marcia Blackburn, whose own state is in the middle of the crisis.  She wants to run for Bob Corker’s seat.  That effort should be effectively dead, however, these are Republicans we’re talking about, so….

This report is all about the swamp, the real swamp that Trump and his followers have no earthly clue about, where big business captures regulatory agencies, and now even law enforcement, by buying professionals who worked at those agencies, who know their ins and outs, making them high paid whore lobbyists and handing out both campaign cash to Congressshits and holding out those oh so cushy lobby jobs to both them and their staff members.   This is the swamp that keeps government working for people and greases its wheels for the well healed, well connected and generally immoral.

This is like the American version of how the Colombian cocaine cartels bought the politicians and law enforcement that were supposed to be on the side of the people.  Huge, publicly traded corporations use every asset they have to make it easier to do business with no legal or regulatory impediments, no matter how immoral and harmful their products or actions.  Amazing how many good Christians, who incidentally are very tough on drugs, worked to make it easier for their constituents to get, get hooked on and die of these powerfully addictive heroin derivatives.

All legal.  Not even remotely humane or moral.

2 thoughts on “60 Minutes Looked Like the Old 60 Minutes Last Night

  1. I always thought Merv Griffin was scarier than Mike Douglas.

    • Yeah, what about when he sang Danke Schoen to Totie Fields? I have to tell you it hit me in the car about 6 hours after I posted this that I think I may have written “Mike Douglas” instead of “Mike Wallace”. Doh!

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