If the Swamp Actually Got Shit Done That Would be One Thing

I’m okay with some graft and looting so long as the greater good is being served and the overall tasks are being achieved.  If a union leader got a little something something for himself so long as the contract was fair and the workers did well, I’m good with that.

I’m certainly a good government guy, but you have to be flexible.  Not necessarily “forget it Jake, it’s Chinatown” flexible where murder and daughter fucking are part of everyday life, that sort of all pervasive corruption is never okay – see Russia!  But again, it’s just as self-defeating to be a strict by the book good government stickler and achieving as little as the corrupt bastards achieve.

Bush sucked and handed our military and many essential government services to companies like Halliburton, who could at least do the job.  With Trump we’re in another model of dysfunction, assigning very important contracts to campaign contributors’ companies that have no business, literally, getting that contract.

A tiny Montana utility company that received a $300 million contract to help restore power to Puerto Rico after its electrical grid was devastated by Hurricane Maria is financed by major Trump donors and run by a CEO friendly with Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, a series of recent reports has revealed.

The company had two full-time employees when the storm hit.  So Puerto Rico is still 85% dark and will be for a while.

This is so Trump, so GOP.  So awful for all of us.


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