It Would Sure Be Nice If The “Smart” People Said Smart Things

David Gergen has been on CNN forever because he’s one of those unassailable, smart, bi-partisan people who worked for Democrats and Republicans so he’s got that all elusive “credibility.”  Only problem with all of that is he often says really dumb things that show he’s not some smart bi-partisan font of wisdom, he’s just another beltway creature with all of the built in prejudices of the beltway that tilt the field towards stupid in the main and Republicans in the particular.

Gergen:  Opposition research Funded by the Opposition Tarnishes it.

The right answer is that whoever funded the research means nothing, all that matters is whether it’s credible.  Also, too, in addition, it’s not like this document is the only reason that we have the Mueller investigation.

Of course, Trump and his jackbooted orangeshirts will shout that it’s all fake news because of course they jump on anything that can muddy the water.  Especially important since so far it’s held up under scrutiny.  Helping the turds by giving them the cover of making noises that seemingly back them up makes one want to gargle Clorox.



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