Expect More Defections

The right wing noise machine is dancing as fast as it can to create new Clinton scandals before the entire GOP falls under the weight of Trump’s despicable… everything.  Hannity alone must be shredding his hammies the way he’s pushing nonsense stories.  Rogue Congressman Nunes (R-Trump Toady) called for two investigations of Hillary that will never happen.  Then there is the very public defections of Corker and Flake as they throw Molatov cocktails at any bridges still leading to Trump.

This is all coincidentally happening as a genuine connection between the Trump campaign’s data team (Cambridge Analytica – owned by the Mercer’s and Bannon) and Wikileaks’ albino founder (and only employee?) Julian Assange came to light.

Okay, it’s not coincidental at all, actually, is what I’m saying.  People in D.C. and those elite right wing propaganda outlets can actually read the real news, they do so religiously to find out what information they have to dance around.

Meanwhile Mueller just steams ahead unaffected by the sound and fury, focused on the signal not the noise.

Thusly, the efforts to discredit intensify and the push for those tax cuts they elected Trump to get, becomes frantic.

Historic Irony alert:  the Russian army in August 1914 suffered one of the greatest defeats of the war because their technological ability was so far behind the rest of Europe.  They lacked sufficient telegraph wire or sophisticated encoding ability.  They send easily decodable messages over telegraph wires or actually used easily interceptable wireless transmissions.  So the Germans knew every movement the Russians would make in East Prussia at the same time the Russian generals got their orders.

Now 100 years later the Russians stole our election by sending out unsophisticated and barely hidden propaganda in order to exacerbate our already confused electorate.

They didn’t get any better at technology, but we proved a shit ton dumber than the Germans of  1914, thusly more effective in the short term.  But once again their transmissions are proving easily trackable and it’s just a matter of time.

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