The Heartlessness Never Ends Either

Trump does not do interviews with anybody with a brain stem. He sticks to Fox and then for a change does Fox Business.  Not that the so-called mainstream is known for asking really tough questions, but with Trump anything challenging his twisted nonsense is verboten.  This story needs to be brought up to Trump.  Period.   Out of all the stupid, heartless stories of an immigration system gone kerfluey and ICE having lost its damn collective mind.

10 Year Old Girl with Cerebral Palsy Intercepted on the Way to the Hospital for Emergency Surgery.

They let her get to the hospital, but ICE agents followed here there and set up camp as if she were a flight risk.  She had the surgery and now she’s recuperating in a detention center and will be deported in a few weeks… without her family

The Border Patrol agents followed the ambulance to the hospital. When the hospital discharged the child, Border Patrol agents took the 10-year-old into custody instead of allowing her cousin to take her back to her parents, who are also in the country illegally, in Laredo.

The young Mexican national has now been transported to a government-contracted juvenile shelter in San Antonio, 150 miles from Laredo, and put into deportation proceedings.

They’re treating her as if she were an adult.

This kind of thing is keeping people who need healthcare from going to see a doctor.  And what could go wrong there in an age when communicable diseases can dash through tight urban communities?  Third world people came to the first world to escape that kind of backwards thinking and deprivation, we’re bringing it conveniently right to their first world doorstep.  Lucky people!!

I hope the people who gave Trump the benefit of the doubt and who definitely weren’t in favor of and didn’t really think he’d do these kinds of things see what their vote wrought.

And yeah, all this was started when Lyin’ John Kelly was head of Homeland Security.


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