I Blame Our Educational System – John Kelly, Like Many People Are Pretty Damned Ignorant About the Civil War

Kelly on Monday said that the Civil War was the result of “the lack of an ability to compromise” and called traitorous Col. Robert E. Lee, who became a General for the Confederate army, an “honorable man.”

As he often does Ta-Nehesi Coates in a long twitter chain lays out the real history.  Really just go there.

From the Revolutionary War on we were compromising with the Southern states on slavery.  The Civil War was destined from the beginning as the price of the united Colonies taking up arms against George III.  Our first 80 years are the story of continued compromise as the North sloughed off the peculiar institution and grew increasingly uncomfortable as Southerners used their power to expand it.

Regarding Lee

It’s all great stuff.  Eric Foner is also a great font of knowledge about the Civil War and Reconstruction era, which is absolutely the least taught and understood part of our great nation’s history.

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