Last Night Was Pretty, Pretty, Pretty Good (and what I expected)

Polls don’t measure turnout so well.  Thusly, polls in Virginia were a lot closer than the actual election.  So pollsters and pundits were not expecting the wave of anti-Trump turnout that manifested in VA and around the country.  Tellingly many beltway creatures thought Dems were going to blow it.  Northam may not have been a great candidate but Virginia Democrats, progressives, liberals, moderates, people of color, millenials, etc. weren’t going to make the mistake that the greater country did in 2016.  They came out to vote and they swept the state into the 21st century.

VA was a clean Democratic sweep of executive offices and a possible pickup of the House of Delgates.  They needed 17 seats, an impossible task it was thought.  They got 15 with a few more seats still being counted.  The best election night for Dems in VA since 1899!

They elected a transgender a woman and a socialist democrat to seats held by  Republicans – that’s how good a night it was.

In Washington state they won a special election that flipped that state legislature to the Dems.  All three Pacific coast states are solidly blue now.  In fact there were five seat flips around the country besides WA, three in GA, one in NH.  Some in Trump districts.

Maine voted overwhelmingly to expand Medicaid over the objection of their crazy govenor Paul LePage who still says he’ll try to stop it.  He can’t.  There’s no question that Maine will elect a Democrat to take that seat next year.  LePage only won because of chaotic multiple candidate elections giving him a plurality.  Mainers promise that they learned their lessons over those stupidly divided elections, never again.

Philadelphia elected an unthinkably lefty District Attorney.  He represents Black Lives Matter.

In Colorado, Betsy DeVos’ voucher supporters went down in school board elections after a six year fight.

Dare we actually take this momentum into the special election in Alabama?  How dare we not?  Doug Jones is maybe the perfect candidate to pull the upset and beat crazy Roy Moore.  He makes the case very well.

Jones said he was not a perfect candidate, but he would attempt to find workable solutions in the Senate for issues like healthcare.

Pitching his words toward crossover voters, Jones said people who have voted Republican in past elections may not agree with him on all issues, but that he would listen and look for areas of agreement.

“There’s nobody in this room that believes for a second that Roy Moore will even try to find common ground,” Jones said. “That’s not his style. He’s never done it. Hell, he’s not going to be able to find common ground with most of his Republicans. You know it. His common ground is only him.”

“We haven’t had such a divisive figure want to run for public office in this state in a long, long time, and we were all hoping that we had shed ourselves of those divisive figures,” Jones said. Speaking later to the media, he said electing Moore would send a message that Alabama had “not gotten rid of those divisive demons that we’ve had in our history.”

Jones compared the campaign to the 1970 gubernatorial primary between then-Gov. Albert Brewer and George Wallace, running to regain the office after a failed presidential bid two years earlier. Jones told the media later he was not comparing himself to Brewer, but the campaign, which he called a crossroads moment.

“Unfortunately we chose the wrong path (in 1970), and candidly, we paid the price for it for a long, long time,” he said. “We have such chaos in Washington, D.C. The last thing we need is to put more chaos into chaos.”

Let’s send Doug Jones some love.  Because if he can take that seat, the GOP will shit its collective pants.  There have already been about 2 dozen GOP incumbent retirements.  Last night should trigger a few more.  A Jones win could cause turnstyles to have to be installed in the Senate.

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