Blogging Has Been Pretty Sucky Lately, But For Reasons

I spent most of the week in Cuba, bitches!

There’s no blogging in Cuba or from Cuba, that I can tell you and a great deal more.  All will be revealed.

Also too reflections on how you all let me down while I was gone.  How do you let Al Franken go from a 2020 possible to liberals saying he should resign?

Maybe there’s degrees of bad bahavior?  I’m just saying.

Also maybe when we decided “we believe the women” it was inevitable that sooner or later there would be a single accuser telling a story that has no contemporaneous corroboration, denied by the accused – a true “he said/she said” situation.

So I say NO, I don’t believe THE WOMEN, I believe A WOMAN (if there’s contemporaneous corroboration and/or other accusers).  All others we reserve judgement.

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