While the GOP was once again screwing America, these also damaging stories were overlooked

Troll-like Texas congressman Blake Farenthold paid $84,000 in taxpayer money to pay off a sexual harassment allegation. Given what he looks like we probably got off light there. Go find any picture of him if you dare, I won’t post it for the same reason I wouldn’t stare at an eclipse, it’s eyeball scalding. Especially the picture of him in his ducky pajamas. He’s just awful, and for a Republican, that’s just typical, a feature, not a bug.

Similarly Trey Gowdy, the chief Benghazi conman is a nightmare for eyes and the coffers. He caused $150,000 of taxpayer money to be paid in a wrongful dismissal suit when he fired a staffer who refused to spend all their time investigating Hillary Clinton.

Again, these morally compromised and ethically challenged idiots are what the GOP offers everywhere. They need to go away ASAP.




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