Krugman Abides

Had to post this twitter chain from Krugthulu.

The only thing I would add is the degradation of the elected Republican official over time.  When the activists and think tanks first came up with the strategies and policies that created the modern GOP, there were many GOP elected officials who knew that those policies were bad economics, bad social engineering and terrible foreign policy – they recognized that it was aimed at rubes to help them get elected.  But the rank and file of actual educated statesmen was replaced over the years with the very rubes who absorbed and internalized the bullshit through talk radio and Fox News.  Now the electeds actually believe the fanciful nonsense that the media arm spews, culminating in a president who gets his news from Fox and Friends.

The last remaining Republicans that remember what statesmen and responsible Republican public servants were are on MSNBC railing against their party every night.

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