Ajit Pai, Not Just the Man Who Sold Out the Internet, Also a Dick


Ajit Pai illustrating his oddly small head.

Mother Jones with the details of his cavorting with a Pizzagate hussy and other typical conservative rudeness.

DRGjhqsXkAA3EuK (1)

Pai mocked her remarks. “Thank you Commissioner Clyburn. I’m going to mark you down as a ‘no’ then?” he said, laughing.


Pai is the kind of conservative/libertarian dick that carries his arrogance around in an extra large man purse in order to smack people with it whenever he feels appropriate.  None of his legal or economic assumptions have been proven right, but in his head he’s never been wrong.  His theories are iron clad, but sometimes the world fails him, which only proves his theory… somehow.

But Pai is till not a bigger dick than Donald Trump Jr., who either didn’t know that his father appointed Pai or pretended that wasn’t reality.

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