Inadvertent Hero Sen. John Kennedy Has Voted for Every Trump Nominee

Yes, he illustrated that an unqualified Trump judicial nominee was super unqualified, while Republican.  But he’s voted for every one so far.  He also voted for DeVos, Pruitt, Perry, Sessions, etc. You’re not a hero for doing what would have been the normal, every day thing to do for ANYBODY in normal times.

Vox has the backstory to why an FCC commissioner (who served with WH counsel Don McGahn) was nominated to a judicial post.  Um, because he’s a loyal Trumper and they don’t know enough qualified anti-democratic ideologues so they have to reach for unqualified anti-democratic ideologues and even nutsy cuckoo anti-democratic ideologues.

“I first learned about Mr. Duncan’s nomination when I received a phone call — actually a series of phone calls — from Mr. Don McGahn,” Kennedy said, according to the Acadiana Advocate. “Mr. McGahn was very firm that Mr. Duncan would be the nominee — to the point that he was on the scarce side, in one conversation, of being polite.”



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