Trump believes that Mueller will exonerate him.  So no, there’s no plan to fire him.  Any rational person not living in an orange bubble might be panicked and do something crazy and Nixonian to obstruct justice, as so many distraught persons are worried about.  But Trump does not have a typical psychological make up, remember?

His people may be deceiving him in order to keep him from freaking out and doing said crazy Nixonian thing, but in any case he believes in the exoneration fairy.  At least at the moment.

White House special counsel Ty Cobb and Trump’s personal lawyer, John Dowd, are trying to prevent Trump from lashing out over the investigation, said a source who speaks with the President. “What they are trying to do is manage Trump. That’s what everyone tries to do.”
But a longtime friend of the President’s said he believes Trump’s attorneys have “lulled him into a false sense of security” — which could be a dangerous game.
“I’ve known him long enough to know that disappointing him is a problem and they’ve built up a level of expectations for him that are unrealistic,” the Trump friend said.
As far as indictments of Jared or others close to him setting him off, do not forget that he is the ultimate narcissist.  His first, last and only significant thought is about himself.  So long as he isn’t indicted, he doesn’t feel threatened.
And Dowd and Cobb are HIS lawyers, not Jared’s.  They only have one client, just Trump. So they will continue to tell him that he’s safe and it’ll all be over soon. Until they can’t.
Then we’ll need to march to support the rule of law.  Not this week.

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