End of 2017 Pet Peeves Reviewed

It’s a good time at the end of the year to review what’s pissing me off.

I’m still annoyed by people who say “I could care less.” This is wrong and my fury at it will never abate.

When people say “uh huh” instead of “you’re welcome.”  It’s lazy and insincere.  I say “thank you” it’s commensurate to actually enunciate “you’re welcome”.  “Uh huh” is not commensurate.

Related – every TV interview ends with the host saying “thank you” to the guest.  But 99.999% of the time the response by the guest is “thank you!”  I get that they’re super stoked to have been on TV and so they’re thanking the host and the network for inviting them, but are you so self-effacing that you completely negate whatever expertise or analysis that you just dropped on said host?  Say “you’re welcome,” take credit for your hot take that got you on the TV.

The slew of car commercials that involve characters so into their new car that they apparently don’t mind driving it all over creation and have no actual obligations.  The one where the guy keeps bringing home the wrong groceries because he’s happy to drive his super boss car back to the store again.  He’s actually missing a party because he’s driving back and forth.  Even if it’s his wife’s friends whom he doesn’t really like, it’s annoying to drive to stores over and over again.  I don’t give a damn how wonderful your car is.  I mean it could have the driver blow job option installed, I still do not want to drive back and forth to stores all day for another fucking sweet potato.  These ads are bullshit.

But at least they’re car ads that include those sexy shots of cars driving down picturesque roads and show people who are passionate about their car.  There’s a new trend in car ads that are like beer ads in that they’re not really about the car (or the beer), they’re heartwarming stories about people (who presumably have cars) presented to show that the car company cares about people, about YOU!  I mean. what’s the value of a turning radius or heated seats, or gas mileage if the company that built the car just cynically wants your money and doesn’t really care about YOU!  Sorry Suburu, good on you for helping the people in the ads in whatever way you help them but I’m not spending tens of thousands of dollars on a car because you have feelings for people.  1. that’s a really stupid way to judge the relative benefits of owning one car over another car, and 2. your protestations to the contrary, I know you don’t actually give a shit and the entire ad campaign was absolutely cynically created by Don Draper in a conference room overlooking New York or Los Angeles while eating sandwiches they got delivered by Seamless.  Now that’s a good ad for Seamless, it’s a shitty ad for a car.

Back to TV.   TV host language is just annoying the crap out of me.  Can’t hosts find something other to say at the beginning of a segment than some variation of “I want to start with you” and at the end of the segment “we’re going to have to leave it there.”  99.99999% of TV cable news segments have these phrases in them and I’m weary of it.

I don’t know who CardiB is.  I just really figured out who Rihanna is in 2016 after I’d heard songs she recorded for years in commercials or on Glee (remember Glee?).  There are too many “pop stars” who are completely interchangeable and forgettable, a mix and match game of names, faces, skimpy outfits and very bad songs.  Is CardiB Nicki Minaj?  is Nicki Minaj Rihanna?  Would it matter if they merged corporeal bodies and ceased to be two individual persons (if they are in fact two individual persons)?  I know that Taylor Swift sings songs and dates lot of boys although I’ve never seen her actually do those things and have no interest in seeing either.  Why do I even know that?  And let’s not leave men out of this.  I don’t know who Drake is either.

[I guess this is just an old man rant against things that really only matter to 14 year old girls, but again, I have no 14 year old girls in my life, so how how do I know anything about any of these people? And why?  Next year I’ll be ranting about some new “pop star” whose name is already ubiquitous in the 14yearoldiverse, but has yet to reach me.]

My country is already way too much a fascist corporate state since Citizen’s United and all of the many  baby steps our leaders in legislature and jurisprudence have taken to empower corporations and the super wealthy to have a disproportionate say in our supposed democracy.  This is not so much a pet peeve but a primal scream, I guess.

What does CardiB think about this?




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