New Yorker Trump Screws New York (actually the entire Northeast)

Do you think Trump would have gotten even 25% in NYC (or 42% in NJ) if they knew he was going to pull a Christie and once again kill the absolutely essential Hudson Tunnel project? This is crazy!  If Christie hadn’t killed the ARC project in 2010 in order to steal that money to spread around as political gifts, we’d have a brand new tunnel by now.  Now Trump comes along promising infrastructure and, of course, not delivering. Or maybe he’s playing games with it to bend Schumer, Booker, Gillibrand and Menendez to his will. (Eye roll!)

More likely he’s just looking at how he can screw blue states, even his own, to curry increasingly shrinking favor with dysfunctional red states, like he did with the tax fiasco.  Here’s a guy who talks about loyalty, but it only goes one way.

He’d nuke Queens if it helped him get re-elected.



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